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    San Bernardino County

    Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association

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    San Bernardino County

    Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association

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  SEBA's mission is to protect the interests of its members; to be their voice; their support and their vehicle to enhance the quality of life in San Bernardino County through benevolent donations

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About SEBA

SEBA has proudly served law enforcement employees of San Bernardino County since 1946 as the recognized bargaining unit for those on the front lines of public safety.

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The SEBA Charity Fund is a 501(c)3 organization. Our goal is to support the children of the Inland Empire, California. Contributing to community based children's charities....

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SEBA annual events include Fore the Cops and Kids Golf Tournament, Fallen Heroes Bowling Tournament, Shop with a Cop. 17 different events at various locations to impact...

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The salary schedule, better known as “the steps,” has been restored outside of negotiations for the Safety and Safety Management units through a collaborative effort between SEBA negotiation team leaders, the Sheriff and County officials.Effective April 14, 2018, members who are not already at the top of the salary schedule will advance one “step” every six months (1,040 hours worked); this is a change from the previous requirement to work one year (2,080 hours) per step. If a member has already accrued 1,040 hours at his or her current step, he or she will immediately be moved to the next step on April 14th.In continued support of his troops, Sheriff John McMahon agreed to absorb the immedi...
We are extremely disheartened by a federal jury’s recent decision in a wrongful death suit involving one of our members and offer our full support to Dep. Kyle Woods through this time.The use of deadly force is a somber reality of the law enforcement profession. Our members go to work praying for peaceful contacts, while having to stay tactically ready to defend themselves and the community against acts of violence. Kyle was compelled to preserve his own life with the use of deadly force.Kyle suffered a broken nose from being struck several times in the face and a concussion from having his head savagely pounded into the concrete. Our member’s defense against this life-threatening assault re...
Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association of San Bernardino County StatementSAN BERNARDINO – As news of another school shooting breaks the hearts of our collective nation, we are reminded of the importance of having trained law enforcement personnel on our school campuses.We stand with our colleagues at the Los Angeles School Police Department in their efforts to keep the children of the Los Angeles School District safe and condemn the actions of misguided activists and political opportunists who seek to remove law enforcement from school campuses.Violence on our school campuses are at epidemic levels and studies show violence is less likely to occur in the presence of a uniformed officer. Fu...

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