We are extremely disheartened by a federal jury’s recent decision in a wrongful death suit involving one of our members and offer our full support to Dep. Kyle Woods through this time.

The use of deadly force is a somber reality of the law enforcement profession. Our members go to work praying for peaceful contacts, while having to stay tactically ready to defend themselves and the community against acts of violence. Kyle was compelled to preserve his own life with the use of deadly force.

Kyle suffered a broken nose from being struck several times in the face and a concussion from having his head savagely pounded into the concrete.

Our member’s defense against this life-threatening assault resulted in the unfortunate death of Nathaniel Pickett. Any loss of life is a tragic outcome and we offer our condolences to those who continue to grieve.

We feel the facts of the case clearly show a justified use of force. It is also important to note the District Attorney ruled that under the facts, circumstances and applicable law, our deputy was justified in defending his life with deadly force.

We urge the County and Sheriff’s Department to appeal the jury’s award.


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