The “Steps” Have Been Restored

The salary schedule, better known as “the steps,” has been restored outside of negotiations for the Safety and Safety Management units through a collaborative effort between SEBA negotiation team leaders, the Sheriff and County officials.

Effective April 14, 2018, members who are not already at the top of the salary schedule will advance one “step” every six months (1,040 hours worked); this is a change from the previous requirement to work one year (2,080 hours) per step. If a member has already accrued 1,040 hours at his or her current step, he or she will immediately be moved to the next step on April 14th.

In continued support of his troops, Sheriff John McMahon agreed to absorb the immediate costs of accelerating the steps within the current Sheriff’s Department budget. County officials and SEBA leaders worked cohesively to create language in a side letter that outlined the details of the new salary schedule. The Board of Supervisors overwhelmingly supported the agreement and unanimously approved the new salary advancement rate on April 3, 2018.

The acceleration of the salary schedule effectively fixes the step issue by advancing the employee through the existing 14-step process. Members will receive salary schedule increases in addition to negotiated pay raises outlined in the current MOU.

SEBA Safety and Safety Management members can now achieve their top step in about 6.5 years, which is on par with other agencies. The acceleration should help retain deputies. This was accomplished outside of negotiations and will not affect the current contract; nor should it impact future contracts.

This is a great victory for our members and shows tangible change can be accomplished when SEBA, the Office of the Sheriff, the Board of Supervisors and county officials work together to enact solutions for the betterment of public safety. We look forward to future collaborative efforts to enhance the pay and benefits of our members, who have always worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe.

SEBA plans to use this model as a starting point for further cooperative conversations to address the steps for all of SEBA’s bargaining units, including Specialized Fire Services, Specialized Peace Officers, and Specialized Peace Officers Supervisory.

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