Editor's Note

Welcome to the new version of Star
& Shield magazine, the official publication of the Sheriff's Employees' Benefits Association. The magazine has undergone a complete redesign of both editorial layout and content. The deliv­ery of the magazine has also changed from monthly to quarterly. The change will reduce the costs associated with the magazine and allow time for high quality stories to be developed and reported.
Months back, we surveyed our mem­bers to ask what they wanted out of their magazine. Our members responded with three major concerns: over-saturation of advertisements; outdated stories and cost. Hopefully, the new version of Star & Shield will make it evident SEBA has listened to your concerns.
But the changes go beyond the simple layout of the publication. SEBA has made a concerted effort to bring its members stories of substance: stories about SEBA members, articles about legislation af­fecting members, and reports of the work SEBA representatives are doing to ensure the rights of members. We aim to pro­vide our membership with content that is educational and enlightening.
In each quarterly issue, we will aim to highlight the good works of our members.  We know our law enforcement members do great things in and out of their uniforms and we want to bring posi­tive attention to those great deeds. For ex­ample, this month's magazine focuses on the unique camaraderie of several traffic deputies who compete in motocross on their off-time. The story adds dimension to our members and accentuates healthy habits and values.
For more timely reports on SEBA news, we will offer an electronic newsletter. The newsletter will be delivered via SEBA eblast. A PDF version of the newsletter will also be posted on the website at www. seba.biz. Those who wish to subscribe to the newsletter, can email [email protected] biz.
We hope you enjoy the new and im­proved Star & Shield.

-Lolita Harper

SEBA Director of Public Relations


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